Good stuff at the department day

December is a meeting-month with Christmas food. We had the ATLAS-days last week, and today was the department-day at Münchenbryggeriet. Actually, they are not so different from one another. A few sessions with interesting talks on on-going projects and then Christmas food. There are worse ways of learning what your co-workers are up to.


Among today’s presentations I especially enjoyed Matti Leinos talk on “Little ice-age farming in Sweden” (and especially his description on the cultivation of hops), and Christina Fredengrens talk on environmental humanities (and especially her summary on her new “Deep time project”). And even though far from my own expertise, Pontus Strimling always presents interesting work on cultural evolution. The department day was yet a good one, and the food was again too much. All good stuff, but in different ways.

Matti Leino describing his genetic work on historic farming