A visiting team from Uppmax

Today was all about the data after sequencing but before publishing. We produce a lot of DNA sequences, and the only way to make sense of all that data is with various types of computational methods. From cleaning and mapping the data to time consuming computational analyses. And this demands some power.


A team from Uppmax held a workshop on the matter at the Natural History Museum. Invited on the initiative of Johan Nylander. The discussions ranged from large topics (is it better with one large project with 400.000 core hours / month plus all the paperwork it requires, or two medium sized with 100.000 and lesser paperwork?), to details (where should the / be to avoid having different types of Python-modules conflicting each other?). Judging from the amounts of questions from the participants, and the interest for the workshop, it was a quit good and useful one. We work in a computational-thirsty area, and we would be nowhere without Uppmax.

Uppmax giving a workshop at NRM