People from long gone

I have mentioned a few times the feeling of participating in class-reunions. I have been in the field for a good two decades (soon three), and have interacted with various people over the years. Some more intensely than others. One thing that is really fun is to get in touch with someone you were in contact with a long time ago over a new idea. In those cases it both feels as if no time has passed, and long gone times are making themselves known again at the same time. An odd but pleasant feeling.


Peter Savolainen got in contact with me recently. He has had a parallel career at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), and done much work both on canids (especially dog domestication), and developed methods relating to these studies. Every now and then we have been in touch over different things, and just now he got us involved with some minor contributions to some of his activities. It has indeed been fun to renew this contact over the recent weeks. So here is a hint to young scientists. Those that are about your own age and are active in your field or a neighboring one, keep your relation with them in a status so it is enjoyable to talk to them, because you will be talking to them repeatedly over the coming decades.

Peter Savolainen, at KTH