Science and anarcho-liberalism

Vacations are good for caching up on old stuff that never got done, some meta-thinking, and also for just vacationing. While gathering the last pieces to the Christmas-dinner today, I kept thinking about what it is that makes Science fun. Why I prefer to do this than anything else. The questions and the subject are of course interesting, sure. But one can explore archaeology within teaching, writing, trading, within many other disciplines. So why science, why do I passionately love science and research? I came to the conclusion that it is because proper basic scientific research is the only area that is fully anarcho-liberal, in a very Robert Nozickian way.


On one hand there is the individual competition. If you have a good idea, and the proof for it being acceptable, you can move forward with it. And publish it. Or apply for fundings to bring it further. And you can do this whether you are a Ph.D. student or a cherished super-professor. As long as it is good and holds for testing. And also, there is the revolution. A paradigm is only as good as it’s support, and you can challenge it, as a Ph.D. student or a cherished super-professor. And they are even tied together. If someone else brings an incomplete idea that you also are working on forward before you do, you can still complete your own work and challenge what has just been presented if you have better data / results. The individual competition and the revolution is what is driving this anarcho-liberal field, but it also brings some positive social aspects. If you like this way of working, if you want to be a part of it and compete at the very frontline, then you need to recruit or at least collaborate with the best people you can find. No matter what shape, sex, or color they come in. If you are fine with being in a smaller puddle you can afford to be a bigot, but if you want to swim with the bigger fishes, you simply cannot afford that. If you are not prepared to work with a good colleague because of what he or she looks like or because of who he or she is in love with, your competitor will, and they will leave you behind. I would always work with archaeology or history, but the anarcho-liberal system is the main reason why I do it within scientific research. Merry Christmas to you all.

Merry Christmas to you all