The first writing session 2019

The first writing-session 2019. In Uppsala. With Torsten, Helena, Janne, and Mattias. On an ms that we have been “working” on for five years. Pushing it forward, piece by piece.

I am always a bit impress with how much of a force a proper writing session is. When we get together, a few of us, and work concentrated on one task for a full day, whatever we are working on moves quite a bit. Maybe it is not surprising, in this case it was five of us spending 9 hours on one task, 45 hours all together. That is a bit more than one full working week, and thus that should be visible and yield results. We usually use these writing sessions for small manuscripts that have been down-prioritized, larger manuscripts that we want to give a final push, or applications (but in the latter case with fewer participants, perhaps 2-4). A project with only a few samples that we have been working on for five years would qualify in the first of these categories’.

Helena, Mattias, and Torsten, working away