Twitter and NYT

This weekend brought with it a twitter-storm of a magnitude of at least 8 on the Richter scale due to the NYT paper. And rightfully. There are some points to reflect upon in there, in various ways. But most of them, or actually all of them, were reflected on already during the past days. I have been in the trade long enough to have seen various versions of this before (but most of them before Twitter and other social media were available), on larger or smaller scales. Sometimes including me, most of the times not. My strategy has always been to produce more good research (at least what I think is good research), and if that is not enough, to produce even more and even better research (again, at least what I think is good). And so far that has usually worked. And that is what I will do now. This discussion has evolved around other scientists, but still related to the field I am working in, why I believe that a few multidisciplinary meetings on actual research-topics with key-people involved in some of our projects, moving them closer to publication, is probably better than any opinion I may have on the matter.

More research is often the best response

Ancient DNA
SciLIfeLab Ancient DNA Foto. Mikael Wallerstedt