A good war room

The war rooms are among the best parts of the research process. The data is since long frozen, most of the analyses are done, and the people most involved spend half a working day discussing and interpreting the data. It is an intellectually fun and exciting event, and the end and the final product of the whole project is within sight. And the better balanced the war room is, the better the interpretation will be. Here more than anywhere else the cross disciplinary competence of the room is important.

Mattias, Maja, and Torsten



Yesterday we had the first war room in 2019. A project that started several years ago, and now is on the brink of getting finished. This room included me, Mattias Jakobsson, Janne Storå, Maja Krzewinska, Natalya Kashuba, Emrah Kirdök, Torsten Günther, and outside the pictures, Dilek Koptekin and Gulsah Kilnic. As always when computer links are to be relied on, getting the electronics between Sweden and Turkey was the most challenging part. But after 15 min of audio feedback and rebelling computers we had Gulsah and Dilek on two portable screens and a wall and were able to hear what they said. January is normally a crazy application month, and research-applications are usually the very start of a project (also a good part of the research process), why it felt really nice to squeeze in a good war room, which is normally in the end of the process.

Janne, Natalya, and Emrah