Teambuilding at SciLife

Teambuilding is always good, and that can be done with some adventure challenge in a deep forest or some skiing resort, or why not at some Asian healthy body-and-soul center. If you are not an archaeogenetecist. If you are an archaeogenetecist you teambuild by looking at sequencing machines, the old retiring HiSeqs, the mighty new kid on the block NovaSeq,  the little cute oddball MiniSeq. Stuff like that. Veronica Sobrado organized a visit for us and the ancient DNA people at the museum to NGI Stockholm, and Maja Krzewinska coordinated it from our side. And a good day it was.


Love and I naturally took the opportunity to talk about CPG, to spread the gospel. But after that it was all sequencing machines, robots (oh yes, we are soooo getting robots for CPG, I don’t care so much what kind of robots, but I want robots…), and a long and focused discussion on the transition from the HiSeq X to the NovaSeq. Focused indeed, as opposed to the slightly less focused discussion that followed at the Flying Horse afterwords, supported by beer and hamburgers and even more beer. A good day it was indeed.

Veronics showing one of NGIs robots