Art and archaeogenetics

I just watched a 20 min long art-compilation with poetry, photos, and modern music, and all based on remains from ancient domestic cattle. And I enjoyed it! I don’t know if this is because I am a super-nerd, or because it was a really good and novel thing, but I would like to think a little bit of both. It is one of the outputs from the ARCHAIC project, hosted by CIBIO in Porto and headed by Catarina Ginja. A project exploring the history and prehistory of domestic cattle and aurochsen in Iberia.


These days the project and Catarina are hosting a project meeting, to discuss their data and their ideas. I am a big fan of these types of brain-storm meetings. This one is organized like a conference with presentations, both from people collaborating with the project, and people at the core of the project. Today was much about archaeozoology, Simon Davis did an excellent presentation on how he is using sex-identification in combination with cattle-size measurements to trace breeding. Tomorrow will be about archaeogenetics, and data, the data from the project. That will melt my butter, archaeogenetic data from Iberian cattle. And I guess that is a final on whether nerdism was at least a part of my appreciation for the art-show.

Simon Davis and Catarina Ginja