Let’s go to the North Pole

“Let’s go to the North Pole, it will be awesome!” It was Love Daléns suggestion. After 10 years of demography with D-statistics, f3, f4, and admixture, one gets kind of bored of demography with D-statistics, f3, f4, and admixture. And in the latest application-run (the one I am in the end of now), I intended not to apply for any of that stuff. I really wanted something that was not demography with D-statistics, f3, f4, and admixture. Why the North Pole did not sound so bad.


The application was written on an airplane (on the way to and back from an application-writing retreat for a different project), and came out fairly good actually. When we sat down on the flight out we did not have much, not even ideas. But when we got off the flight back home in Stockholm we had a pretty good application for a scientifically interesting project that would be cool to conduct. And apparently that is what Polar thought too. So, this August and September I will not be on the beach, at least not on a warm and sunny beach. I will be in northern Greenland doing palaeogenomics, and that does not sound bad at all.

This summer I will spend at the Ryder glacier

Bildresultat för ryder glacier

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