The non-academic task for academia’s

One of the three tasks for a university scientist in Sweden is to do popular science, to write and talk about his/her work for a general public. It does not generate as much CV points as scientific publications, and we are not as good at it as we are at writing science, but it is fun and important. I try to give a couple of lectures and presentations outside academia every semester, and I do enjoy it.

Talking in an elementary school


These last days I have given various presentations in southeastern Sweden, on Öland. In different schools and associations. I had the pleasure to present some of our Iron Age work to a group of people who are supporting the Sandbyborg project, to talk about prehistory and skeletons and swords in an elementary school, and also to talk about the stone-age in Resmo parish, where there are a number of megaliths. This is a common tradition in several Swedish villages and small towns, to invite different lecturers with some frequency. Education and curiosity for and by adults. In Resmo it is an ongoing tradition since a century. “Folkbildning”, one of our traditions that I hope will remain for yet a good number of years out there in Sweden.

In the audience, my elementary school teacher Vivi-Anne