The granting year starts slow but good

Research is much about writing applications. This is not bad. It is a way to compete for the same money on equal terms, it is also guaranteeing some quality, and it is actually fun. Much of the creativity in creating a research project goes into designing the whole thing while application writing. I don’t mind this type of competition at all, actually, I’d even say that without it I would never had gotten the possibility do a scientific career.


And this year starts in a good way. So far only three minor grants have been decided upon, but they all came out good. The first one was the expedition to Greenland, the second was some de novo sequencing stuff that a shared Ph.D. student I am having with Love Dalén is going to do, and yet one was a joint application with Love (again) and Lars Arvestad for two Ph.D. students on metagenomics and microbiomes. Getting a grant approved, no matter how small or big, means that someone have looked through your proposal and found it to be one of the better once submitted, and that is always sweet.

Application-writing with Love