We are approaching the end of the application-run in Sweden now. A few more deadlines, then it all cools down. But of course it does not completely die, there are a few more deadlines over the rest of the year. And all this is a good thing with Sweden, and several other European countries like Sweden. All the different possibilities, we are not restricted to one single attempt, we get several shots. Thus, a PI with a descent CV and publication list should not have a problem finding >5 calls of descent size to compete in. Just during these few spring-months we have two different calls from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ), another three from the different Wallenberg foundations (these are private, not tax-money), and it is often possible to apply in 1-3 of the calls from the Research Council (VR) and FORMAS a little later in the spring. Add to this the different calls from EU (ERC and everything within it), and the extra-calls from RJ, VR, and FORMAS (every year there is some one-time call for some specific topic or structure that is worth looking closer at), and it sums up to some ten opportunity to compete for research support. And these are just the once large enough to support a project with a Ph.D. student (or a large part of one). These are amazing opportunities. I have colleagues in non-EU countries with few or no private funders who have one shot every year to compete for a Ph.D. sized research project. It is good not to have to put all the eggs in one basket.

The support for EU among scientists is massive, having those application-calls on top of our national once means a lot.