A Ph.D. position in Stockholm

It’s time to recruit again. This time a Ph.D. student. One shared with Love Daléns group at NRM/Zoology. And one working totally in silico. Well, there could be room for a little bit of labwork. But this one is for metagenomics on Loves faunal stuff and my prehistoric human stuff. And further, this is extra interesting since we (well, not us, but the dept mathematics) is getting a Ph.D. student to work on the same project. Thus, a team-work between two Ph.D. student with a theoretical and an empirical side to it. Also, I think this is, in some sense, the first proper recruitment to CPG. Go check out the call if you are looking for a Ph.D. position, and one on ancient DNA but in front of the keyboard.

Loves fauna is a part of the project

skärmavbild 2019-01-08 kl. 08.36.36