SciLife and posters

Giving a presentation is not a big deal if you have done it often. Neither is making a poster. I have not made one for 20 years though, but it is not a complicated thing. The complication arises when you think that you are giving a presentation, and realizes only two days ahead of it that you are actually presenting a poster. And even more problematic if this communication-failure is completely your own fault, because you read all the emails in a sloppy and incomplete way. Because then you cannot pull out. But it proved not to be a problem getting it printed in such short time. The printing services were extremely helpful, because their express charges and extra costs for less-than-one-day-printing was such a super-good deal for them (very good deal for them), so I totally got a nice poster done in time for the event.

The event was an international evaluation of SciLife, and I was there under the heading: “Scientific Highlights”. The international committee was there for two days I think, but I only spent a little more than an hour discussing ancient DNA, sequencing, Viking lady-warriors, and other interesting things with scientists from the committee and from different parts of SciLife. Actually not a bad way to spend a lunch-break at all. And the guys who printed my poster are probably happy to, drinking champagne and buying Armani suits now.

My poster at the evaluation of SciLife