Evolution and online submission systems

Applying for research money online is a little bit like checking your luggage in when you are flying with a low cost airline. Theoretically it is a great service, but somewhere deep in your mind you know that you will never see your bag again because it is going to Cape Town or Novosibirsk or somewhere very far from where you are going. It is the same with online submission systems. They could be good because you can work on your stuff till one second before the deadline. But if you have any experience with this kind of submissions, you know that the true deadline is about 24 hours before the one given in the call.


At the moment we are experiencing some kind of development here in Sweden. The 19th, at two o’clock in the afternoon, there is a deadline for three different calls on the Research Council. Humanitarian sciences is among them, as is medicine. And usually the online system should start to rebel tomorrow, the 18th,  sometime during early afternoon. But actually it started already yesterday. Personally, I think this is artificial intelligence. The online system has figured out that us scientists are reading “deadline 14.00 the 19th” as “deadline 14.00 the 18th”. Or some kind of example of co-evolution. As we have adapted to the online system, the online system is now adapting to us. Evolution is a beautiful thing.

Technical difficulties at the Research Council

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