A new ADF member

ADF, the SciLife ancient DNA facility we share between Uppsala and Stockholm is preparing to build momentum. Magnus Lundgren, the manager, called for an update meeting yesterday. The first ADF member to work in the Stockholm-node has now been hired, Thijessen Naidoo. With him, Magnus, and E-Jean Tan there is now competence at ADF in every part of the process, and this is also what makes the beta-testing possible. The first two projects are being carried out and will help to calibrate the expectations for time, list-prices, etc.

ADF was an idea that Mattias (Jakobsson) and I have nursed since our ATLAS meeting in Falköping a few years ago. Soon the idea will have gone full cycle from a discussion over a beer to a functioning service facility providing aDNA services to archaeologists and scientists the same way 14C analyses are provided today. As Magnus is developing the facility in a gradual fashion, it is hard to find a specific event that marks the opening of the facility. But we are rapidly approaching a point when it is justified to bring out one of my better single malts and say: “Now it has happened, it is up and running.”

Thijessen Naidoo, the first ADFer to work in Stockholm