The Ryder expedition is materializing

“And now when we are planning the Ryder expedition, I feel safe in assuming that none of you guys have been there, because no one has been there!” There were indeed a few good quotes at the Ryder expedition workshop yesterday. “Weapon training and polar bear safety we will do either in Helsingborg or on Thule…”. But yesterday was not organised to provide good quotes, even if it did that too. It was for us to get an overview of the projects that are going, and for Polar to keep track of how we, who are participating, are organising our parts.


We have a full team now; Love Dalen, Christian Carøe, Dan Hammarlund, and me. And since we are doing the lake-coring on Greenland in late summer / early autumn, metagenomics on sediments from Greenland appears to be one of the initiating projects at the Center for Palaeogenetics. Hopefully that will be a good match, super-northern lake-core-DNA and CPG.

Martin Jakobsson doing an expedition introduction