A visit from Blink Films

Blinks Films visited today. We are doing the genetics for one of the shows they are working on, and they wanted to add our work as one of the pieces to the story they will eventually broadcast. TV is important, but it does present a little bit of extra work. There are so many reasons why it is important to turn our work (any and all scientific work) into popular science. Making tax-financed work available and spreading the knowledge on how the world works are just two of the reasons. When we get requests to help out with popular science, we should! But it does also cause some extra work since it disrupts the work-routines.

We are organized into a number of smaller laboratories hosting a lot of activities at our department, and if one of them is used for TV, it means that one of them is unavailable for science for a few hours (this time we used the isotope laboratory, a big thanx to them). This is something that will be easier when we have moved to the Center for Palaeogenetics. When we designed CPG, we took into account that various medias would likely be interested in different future studies, and thus there should be both space and various options for filming what we will be doing there.

Laura and Bob preparing their gear