Our PI meetings

Anders (Götherström): ”Let’s start with economy, we should probably have a look at that”

Mattias (Jakobsson): “Why, did someone say that there was something wrong with the economy?”

Janne (Storå): “I really don’t want to start this Friday with economy, let’s do that the next time. But we probably should not postpone the book.”

Anders: “Why did you have to bring that up when we were having such a good time?”

Mattias: “Hey Anders, didn’t you say that Ricardo and Agnar sent something cool from DeCode?

Anders: “Yea, look at this, look at the resolution! And there is F4 and IbD to go with it!”

Janne: “Man, that is crazy! We can do the book the next time. This seems more fu… I mean important.”


We try to have the PI meetings for our projects twice a month. And yes, it kind of shines through that we are scientists. Those meetings are pretty good for giving us three PIs in the ATLAS project and the 1000 ancient genomes project an update, and to provide for that all three of us have an overview that is not outdated. And actually, we do also do the economy, and the book, as they have to be done. But it is more fun with results and data.

Janne at one of our meetings