Paleocology, genetics and human prehistory 3.0

How can we use DNA from ancient tissue to understand human prehistory, ecology, and evolution? And what do we know about human prehistory, ecology, and evolution due to ancient DNA studies? It is now the third time we are providing the course “Paleoecology, genetics and human prehistory”. As the previous two times, the schedule is filled up with lecturers from various parts of the world who actually did all the studies that since has become cornerstones in our understanding of the past. Ian Barnes will lecture, as will Torsten Günther, Tom Gilbert, Carina Schlebusch, Ludovic Orlando, Katerina Guschanski, and Agnar Helgason, to mention a few. The deadline to sign up is the 15th of April. If it sounds interesting, look into it via this link.

Mehmet Somel was lecturing at PGHP last year and he will this year too