The autumn is getting closer

One of the many things that is happening now is the work going on in what will become the Center for Palaeogenetics (CPG). The goal has been to move in there during the autumn of 2019, and that remains what we are working towards. We still have frequent meetings about the complex, but while it was about where it would be located a year ago, and what kind of ventilation we would need half a year ago, it is now about which rooms should have carpets and what colour the floor should be.

I walked through the rooms and corridors that will be CPG half a year from now earlier today with Love (Dalén) and Malin (Cederth Wahlström, who is coordinating the whole thing at the moment). And it is certainly nice to see work going on in there. I may be here in my office with press releases and manuscripts. But this very moment people are working and making sure that we will celebrate Christmas and New year’s eve with CPG as our home-localities. Something to weight in, when you are considering where to place your aDNA Marie Curie postdoc application the 11th of September.

Away with the old floor to give room for a new