Another night

Love (Dalén): ”Anders, they told me themselves, they want to do this! You really should write the application.

Anders (Götherström): “Yea, but the deadline is tomorrow…”

Love: “But if they themselves suggest this kind of application to them, you really should write it up. You know I can’t, I already have a project with them.”

Anders: “OK, I’ll do it.”


There is always a tradeoff. There are so many different calls for a variety of types of help with projects, from large funding-money to slots on expeditions and support hours etc. In the end, it comes down to how much time have you got to write the application, how big is the chance of getting approved, and what do you get if you get approved. The better the chances are, the worse it is if you don’t apply. So there I was again, with a new application to write, and less than 48 hours till deadline. “Another Wednesday night and I ain’t got nobody…”