“My heart is now with gallant crew that plough through the angry sea”

Forskning & Framsteg is perhaps the best organization doing popular science in Sweden. They have done it for some time now, since the late 60-ies. And apart from their journal they also organize various events based on popular science. One such is their “Knowledge cruise” which they organize with some frequency. An over-night cruise to Åland with invited speakers from various parts of science.

The most recent one was during the beginning of this week, and included two people from the aDNA field, me and Magnus Lundgren (manager at ADF, although Magnus was talking about CRISPR on which he has done research). Other lecturers were Marie Rådbo (on the moon), Gabriel Skantze (on robots), and Lina Herbertsson (on pollinating insects). The kind of audience attending these events is the perfect dream audience for us researchers. We are used to students who take mandatory courses, but here we meet an audience that made an effort to come and listen to us, and who expects good and informative and entertaining lectures from us. It is very refreshing to participate in these kinds of events every now and then.

Me lecturing in the middle of the Baltic Sea, photo Magnus Lundgren