The Sandby borg days in Kalmar

For three days now have we focused on Sandby borg and the period and special issues relating to it. Helena Viktor and Ludde Papmehl-Dufay managed to pull together both a good set of people who had worked with the material, and also representatives for similar research from neighboring countries. We have heard about the excavations, the humans who lived in the fortress, their DNA, their other biomolecules, the organization around them, who they interacted with, quit a lot of things. Anybody with a slight interest in the Migration period in northern Europe would have been happy to listen in, the whole thing was amazingly informative.

Ludde presenting the period after the massacre


The whole event ended with a full day excursion to a number of ring fortresses on Öland. A visit to Sandby borg in a hazy early spring-day with the sun shining but not quit making it through the all the moister in the air. With enough cloths it was not a bad experience.  The whole set-up sometimes brought me back to the old SIV project, Svealand in the Vendel and Viking periods. In which I did my Ph.D. I could not have asked for a better project to do my Ph.D. in 20 years ago, and I could not have asked for a better symposium on the Migration period than the one I just participated in.

The excursion reaching Sandby borg