After publishing

I think I have posted a text on the lifespan of a paper previously. They have their own life, building up to the publication, and then just dying 24 hours after being published. Sure, when published they will be there for ever. But after the last media report on the result (which usually happens within 24 hours after publication), the paper will pop up in your life only rarely. On your CV, at some conference when someone mentions it, in somebody else’s publication as one of 40 different references. They go from 200km/h to full stop.

At an earlier stage, when I still had not gotten used to this, it felt a little bit like a vacuum, the days after publication. But I guess anyone who has been in this field long enough just get used to moving directly on to the next manuscript as soon as they get one published. I do that too, but to be honest, not completely without feeling a little bit uneasy. Almost like finding a new partner the day after terminating an intense relationship.

Rapidly moving from one paper to another…

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