A thesis in Poznan on Çatalhöyük

Two days ago Maciej Chylenski defended his thesis, and he had a particularly mean and vicious examiner, namely me. With my stealthy and mischievous attacks coming in under the radar, I kept him on his toes. I thought. But actually he didn´t seem to worry too much about my questions. My verbal daggers did not seem to cause too much harm. It is annoying with these well read up and competent students these days.

Maciejs thesis was on the early stages of the Neolithisation in central Europe, it’s origin in Central Anatolia, and from an archaeogenetic perspective. Several particulars made it a pleasure to read his thesis, not least the human DNA from Çatalhöyük. If I were to pinpoint only one single thing from the thesis that I think will be discussed in the wider scientific community, that would probably be the lack of (maternal) kinship in Çatalhöyük, and that includes among people buried in the same houses. If I do the same exercise, but with myself as the audience, it may be his methodological experiments with kinship tests that I will revisit, or perhaps his work on mtDNA capture. A nice read it was under all circumstances, and a good day it produced.

Maciej Chylenski with his two supervisors, Arkadiusz Marciniak to the left and Anna Juras to the right