”A good first mate will never become a captain.”

”A good first mate will never become a captain.” The words are my dad’s, an old sailor. Meaning that being able to load and unload a ship efficiently is such valuable quality that a shipping company would not be willing to lose it by elevating the first mate to a proper captain. Is it likely that any of us would be held back and not promoted to captain if we were in the merchant navy? I don’t know, but some of the stuff we loaded in the container yesterday was pretty heavy, but I’ll give Johannes that the boxes were well balanced.

The container will be loaded on the the ice breaker ahead of us, or rather, the stuff in the container. A trucking company will bring it down from Stockholm University to the harbor in southern Sweden. We will have the pleasure of unloading the container and loading the stuff onto the ice breaker down there in a few days. But for now it seems as if much of the scientific equipment is on the way to northern Greenland, and that the preparations are on track. Hopefully we will bring some fun DNA with us back from that remote corner of the world.

Love Dalén organising the container-loading