A quick stop in New York

A natural stop on the way to northern Greenland is New York, it proves. It has to do with how flights are organized to Thule, so we ended up a few days in the Big Apple. And what to do here? Visiting Erich Jarvis at Rockefeller University was one thing. Apart from running a group that is extremely competent in producing and assembling new genomes, he also runs a laboratory with one of the most impressing views I have seen. And visiting Ross MacPhee at the American Museum of Natural History was another thing. If one is thinking about looking deeper into the Pleistocene fauna and ancient human interaction, few people are as read up on the subject as he is (and what a museum he works in!).

Erich Jarvis works in a pretty nice place, and Ross MacPhee works in an awesome museum (but no humans outside Hollywood interacted with these beasts).


But it is OK to spend at least a few hours as a tourist when here. At least I think so. Why I managed to talk my colleague in the Greenland project (Love Dalén) into taking a walk to and through the Chelsea area.

At least a little bit of tourism