“I’ve got Friday on my mind”

“Hey Anders, come over now on Friday to SciLife and say a few things about what you are doing and ADF and stuff like that. Let’s meet on Friday afternoon at two o’clock.” It was Lars Hammaström who contacted me about a small science discussion with representation from Stockholm Science City and the Ax:son Johnson foundation, plus an evolutionary biologist from London, Adam Rutherford. And I got that request only a few days ahead of the event, when I had actually planned to go to my retreat on Öland. But the name Adam Rutherford sounded familiar, I recalled that it had popped up on several of all those pub-nights I have had with Mark Thomas, and in the context of commercial self-testing. I decided to check the whole thing out.

And a really good thing that I did. It turned in to a great afternoon. Not only did I get to learn more about Ax:son Johnosns foundation and Stockholm Science City, but I also made a new acquaintance. It was totally my own ignorance that I did not know who Adam is. A good evolutionary geneticist who has turned to successful popular science writing and scientific communication (partly, he remains in some science project). And with views much like my own on how to handle data and how to advance archaeogenetics, really how to do genomic research while not compromising integrity. London seems to remain a great place in my line of work, with Pontus Skoglund, Adam Rutherford, Mark Thomas, Ian Barnes and just a crowd of really good people engaged in archaeogenetics in different ways. I have to find an excuse to go there soon.

Adam Rutherford