Running projects and running trails in Ankara

Several years of collaboration with Mehmet Somel at METU in Ankara has produced a number of ongoing projects. This time in Ankara we tried to get an overview of what we actually have going on, how far the various projects are, and what we can push over the finish line. And people involved in the different projects participated in the overview, some of them now at other universities than METU or SU. But given their competences and efficiencies, we still like to keep them involved in our projects. Thus, even if several Turkish universities were represented in the meeting room at the dept. Biology at METU the latest days (Gulsah Kılınc and Fusun Ozer from Hacettepe University, and Emrah Kırdök from Mersin University for example), it was only familiar faces. Also, this time I was not the only swede there, Nora Bergfeldt who is doing a Ph.D. at Stockholm University was also participating.

Thus, a few days with various types of data and results concerning demography, close kinship, microbes, and domestication on various human and non-human remains from mainly western but in a few cases also from eastern Asia. Some of these projects have been running for five years, others are brand new. I know, it does not count until something is published (properly published that is, thus bioRxiv does not count). But it really looks as if we can get a few things out of our bags within the near future. However, Stephen King and Jack Nicholson have already declared that only work and no fun makes people dull, and we don’t want that. Why Mehmet made time for us to join a 5km lunch-run (METU Republic Run) with another 1500 academians. Ancient DNA, population genomics, and running, if that is not perfect living I don’t know what is.

Gulsah presenting some of her stuff from far far away

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