Days in Umeå

Exploring human history and genealogy through DNA, that is a meeting happening in Umeå in northern Sweden now. It is a meeting organized by Skytteanska Samfundet with the intention to bring ancient DNA and genealogy together (here the genealogy is moderated by Karin Bojs). Yesterday was the aDNA day, and besides me, Martin Sikora, Helena Malmström, Jenny Larsson, and Malcolm Lillie presented. And Jan Olov Westerberg (who once had a role in getting the planning for CPG going) and Fredrik Elgh moderated and chaired us. All good people with interesting stories to tell. Helena did an excellent summary of Scandinavian stone age through DNA, Martin did a summary of his work in Siberia, Malcolm took a critical but constructive stand while talking about prehistoric violence and DNA, and Jenny told us about her new RJ program LAMP. All good stuff, but no doubt that Jenny did the best presentation of us.

I first came across this organization, The Skytteanska Samfundet, a few years ago. I was invited to present at a meeting in Vaasa. First I declined, since I was up against some tough deadlines at the time. But someone told me that I really should reconsider, as the society was known to organize small but super-good meetings, and the people involved in the society were efficient and easy to do business with. Eventually, both the Vaasa meeting a few years ago, and this meeting in Umeå exceeded my expectations, and I will be going home with a set of new ideas and connections tonight.

Helena, doing a really good summary on Scandinavian stone age