Meetings at the exit of 2019

This was a week full of meetings, meetings to conclude the year. The first one was the ATLAS days, this time closer to Stockholm than usual, in Saltsjöbaden. For two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, we met and went over what is going on within the program. This time the lion-part of the presentations were from Uppsala, so it was a lot about various parts of the Stone Age. Not least Helena Malmströms project which she presented nicely, and supported by an osteological presentation on the same project. Further, Torsten Günther gave a comprehensive overview of the whole program and what we have done, and both Janne Storå and Torbjörn Ahlström took some time to reflect over this in front of the program-members. These are intense days within the ATLAS program since it is only running for another year, and within that year we are supposed to wrap it up.

The following day, Thursday, the dept. Archaeology and Classical Studies had their (actually our) Christmas-meeting. Compared to other departments in humanities at Stockholm University, we are doing well for publications and external grants. This is naturally good to hear. Our daily work rarely gives us time to reflect over the department as a whole, and it is nice to be reminded once in a while that we do belong to a department full of productive researchers. And later that afternoon, ADF, the SciLife facility for ancient DNA, reported its achievements for 2019. I was pleased to hear that ADF had carried out and reported projects to several clients this year, the first year the facility has been active. Magnus Lundgren and his staff are able to service anyone who wants to retrieve data on their ancient material. 2019 seems to proceed towards a good end.

Kerstin Lidén and Magnus Lundgren summarizing the year at dept. Archaeology and Classical Studies and ADF respectively.

Skärmavbild 2019-12-06 kl. 12.56.09