The final inspection of CPG

There are too many things going on in parallel these days. The PGHP course, starting up the Microbiome program, the ITN application. All of them fun things. Several good scientists are coming in to lecture on the course, and trying to get a collaboration going between several groups in an ITN are super fun things (yes, I know, the chance of getting an ITN is so small, but until it has been rejected just nursing the idea is fun). But the most important thing that happened this week was most likely the final inspection of the laboratory facility at CPG.

Some years ago CPG was just an idea, something that we all thought could be good in several ways. Now, with a process including negotiations, drawings, buying stuff, and all kinds of actions behind us, it is there. The offices are furnitured, the laboratories are being equipped, and next week we are moving in. Starting next week, our groups from Archaeology and the Natural History Museum in Stockholm will be working in a new awesome environment!

Mehmet Somel working in Stockholm on the ITN application

IMG_3241 (1)