A fun project that was postponed

During the autumn I postponed a lot of stuff with the excuse that we were so busy moving to CPG. Now we have actually moved to CPG, and everything that was postponed now must be done. But there is a good side to it, most of this postponed stuff is actually fun stuff.

A collaborative project with NBIS is one of those things. It should have started last autumn, but it was postponed till today. Over the latest decade we have produced a lot of shotguned ancient DNA data. All this data was produced with the aim to do studies on human demography, but as it is shotgun data it also contains DNA from microbes that lived in the humans. We are just starting now, but I am pretty excited for what kind of bacterias and other microbes we are going to find in all these ancient humans that we have already used, or are using, for studying geneflow in various parts of the world.

Nora discussing ancient microbes with NBIS representatives