NEOMATRIX, a way to make our research more interesting

In these times, when we are facing a type of challenge we have not had to deal with for a century, good news of all kinds are welcome. And we had a piece of such good news today, our Twinning application NEOMATRIX was granted. The first type of fundings you look for are the kind that allows you to hire people and collect data. But when you have secured that, you start to look for means to make your research more interesting. EUs Twinning tool provides such mean.

The Twinning tool is an “instrument for institutional cooperation between Public Administrations of EU Member States and of beneficiary or partner countries”. That is, a couple of organizations in EU states can team up with an organization in a state that wants to join EU, or closely collaborate with EU, and work together on some issue. Thus, CPG at Stockholm University together with Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas in Greece and Université de Paris – CNRS – Institut Jacques Monod in France has teamed up with Middle East Technical University to dig deeper into the archaeogenetics of the Mediterranean Neolithisation. We have now been granted resources to keep courses together, send guest researchers to each other, and generally deepen our collaboration on this issue. And I should say, Dimitris Kafetzopoulos and Eva-Maria Geigl were the visionarists behind this project while Mehmet Somle put in most work of us on the application. I certainly look forward to much more work with them and the other people in NEOMATRIX over the coming years.

Mehmet Somel writing a research application




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