The Late Neolithic people from Pełczyska

Here is a nice piece of work that was published today. Especially Anna Linderholm, Maja Krzewińska, and Gülşah Merve Kılınç (when these three ladies start to work on something together, it always turns out good in the end), but also a few more of us have worked on this back and forth over the latest years. A set of Corded Ware and Bell Beaker individuals from present day southeastern Poland. There is usable DNA fro 19 individuals in the study, 8 proved to be females and 11 males. The material is from the time when Yamnaya influences is being detected in Europe, and so it is in this material, but how this influence manifests itself is a little bit different from other areas in present day Poland and neighboring areas. And this mainly seems to be due to the individuals in our study from Pełczyska, genetically they behave just a tiny bit different than other contemporary individuals from the wider area. And if our 19 guys had researched their kin-story the way many people like to do today, they would probably have told you that they counted part of their ancestry from Afanasievo rather than from Yamnaya anyway (and several other already published individuals would have done the same it seems).

This has been a study that Maja and Anna have been pushing recently on the side of many other thing, and mainly with the help of Gulsah, and the rest of us of course. In this case the external reviewers were extra hard to please. They were not unjust in anyway and did not try to reject us, but as some parts of the study went a little bit outside what was expected, not least the Afanasievo/Yamnaya part, they did ask us to do what we could to support these claims. It made the whole process lengthy, but it also produced a better paper. Time for quality. But here we are, the paper is published, and the Late Neolithic / Early Bronze Age people from Pełczyska do have a story to tell us that makes them just a little bit different from other contemporary people.

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