Cake and more from NGI Stockholm

SciLifeLab in Solna in Stockholm do a lot of good things. But what I think they do best of all those good things is to sequence DNA. We had Elísabet Einarsdóttir and Mattias Ormestad visiting yesterday, presenting what is going on at their end and what new stuff to expect from them. And they brought cake, that is important, Mattias and Elísabet brought cake for us to have our coffee with. Doing that is an easy way to become popular at CPG.

As much of our stuff these days, this was a hybrid with as many people in our seminar room as COVID19 allows for and more people on Zoom. Much talk about PromethION (which seems to be “The coming thing”, to cite Brisco County Jr) and some talk about strategies for prepping and sequencing and assembling new genomes from un-sequenced species. All this new stuff is naturally interesting, but to me NGI Stockholm remains the best place in the world to sequence DNA. They are faster than others, cheaper than others, and provide better quality both on the service and on the delivered data than others.

Elisabet presenting IRL to as many as COVID19 allows for