When writing about teaching, I usually write about our PGHP course, since that is where I spend most of my teaching efforts. But I do lecture at other courses too every now and then. Now I have done a full week of ancient DNA at the basic course in laboratory archaeology at our dept. Archaeology and Classical Studies. It is a little bit of an effort to do a full week of aDNA, but if the students are good it is fun and worth it, and this was a good group.

Everything at the department is hybridic these days, with some students in the room and others behind a screen somewhere else. This way I have had five students in front of me, and two on the other side of the camera somewhere else in Stockholm these past five days. Together we have exhausted everything from the difference between material culture and genomics to Neanderthal turnovers and to the spread of Yersinia pestis. It has been some fun and intense days, and I hope to see one or two of the students as master students at CPG or on our PGHP course in the future.

Hybrid education, partly over zoom and partly in the room