CPG at Tovetorp

”That is an article that is waiting to be written!” A comment from my co-PI at CPG Love Dalén, and also what became the base for a CPG retreat on the county side. Tovetorp is a research station managed by the Zoological department at Stockholm University and located some 90km south of Stockholm. It is large enough to ensure COVID19 safety. Off in the county-side, and dimensioned for groups far larger than our 20 people so that we can keep our distance to one another.

The facility is large enough to allow us to keep our distance to each other

And what are we doing? Writing the paper of course. And when we are not, Tovetorp is located in a lovely environment with enclosures with red deers and fallow deers and meadows, lakes and woodlands within walking distance. But mostly we are all joining forces to produce one manuscript over these days.

Tovetorp, not a bad place for a retreat