PGHP 2020

This is the fourth year we are giving Paleogenomics and Human Prehistory. And the course is steadily growing. The first year we had two (2!) students, the second five, the third eight, and now this year we have eleven. It was a little bit awkward the first year, with only two students, flying in the likes of Tom Gilbert, Ian Barnes, and Pontus Skoglund. But now it makes more sense. And with COVID19 we cannot fly in anybody anyway this year, why we will have Colin Smith, Pontus Skoglund, Tom Gilbert, Mehmet Somel, Greger Larson, and many others doing their lectures via Zoom.

In the laboratory Marianne Dehasque and Edana Lord is doing a great job with the students. The rationel behind the course is to provide a possibility for both archaeologists and biologists to catch up speed on where ancient DNA is today. This year we are having two archaeologists and nine biologists. For 2021, we will likely change name (the one we are using now is kind of long and complicated), and I really hope we are done with COVID19 by then so we can start to fly in our lecturers again and have them on site.

A picture organized by Edana Lord on one of the laboratory sessions in the course.