”They call this Christmas where I’m from…”

Yesterday it was snowing in Stockholm. And as the staff at CPG is extremely responsive, snow and late November immediately resulted in Glühwein production in the lunch room (now heavily restricted in how many people are allowed in there, but even so Glühwein was quickly being produced). With this we got the season feeling going, and to quote LOTR: “And so it begins”, by drinking a brew made at CPG under Johannes Måsvikens stern supervision.

A seasonal study would be to do Santa Claus. He was buried in Antalya in present day Turkey (sorry, my Finish friends…). Just to be clear, we are not doing that, and we do not have a tooth from Santa, but I would love to. Imagine publishing a paper the 24th or 25th of December on Santa’s ancient nucleic acids, identifying if he perhaps had a cold (ancient RNA), or settle the dispute if he had his origin in Finland, Anatolia (pretty low odds on that one), or somewhere close to the North Pole.

Two gnoms in front of some CPGers