Our first CPG retreat paper

Today a new paper from CPG was published in BMC Genomics. It is a methods paper, analyzing contamination in ancient animal DNA and providing tools to solve the problem. Some 70 ancient samples, mainly dogs and mammoths, were sequenced. Several of them contained a low background of human contamination, usually <0.03%, but in some cases it was more. Human contamination in ancient animal studies can naturally cause problems. Here we solve it by using competitive mapping. In one phase we used concatenated genomes made up of human-elephant in one case and human-dog in another, our ElephantMan- and WereWolf genomes.

This publication is a special one to me. As most publication there are some people who have invested more time and work than others and thus deserves more credit, in this case it was David Diez and Tatiana Feuerborn. But this is a publication in which a lot of people from CPG participated. One thing we do when we have the time and possibility is to go on a retreat (all of us at CPG) and write a paper together. This is the first of these papers (from CPG) to be published, but I can secretly tell you that we are already working on the second one.

One thing we do at CPG is to write papers together