Name & Address

Anders Götherström

Archaeological Research Laboratory, Department of Archaeology and Classical studies.

Lilla Frescativägen 7, 106 91 Stockholm University, Sweden.

Phone +46. 8. 164972,


link to Stockholm University webpage.


Ph.D. in Archaeometry, Stockholm University, 2001

B.A. in Archaeometry, Stockholm University, 1994


Professor of Molecular Archaeology, Archaeological Research Laboratory, Stockholm University, 2016-

Associate Professor (docent), Dept. of Evolutionary Biology, Uppsala University, 2006

Researcher, Archaeological Research Laboratory, Stockholm University, 2012-2016

Research Fellow, Royal Swedish Academy of Science, 2007-2012

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Evolutionary Biology, Uppsala University, 2006

Researcher, Dept. of Evolutionary Biology, Uppsala University, 2003-2005

Post-doc (funded by STINT) Universidad Complutense (with Juan Luis Assuage). Madrid, Spain, 2002

Post-doc, Dept. of Evolutionary Biology (with Hans Ellegren), Uppsala University, 2001

Ph.D. student position, Archaeological Research Laboratory, Stockholm University,1995-2001

Research Scientist, National Laboratory of Forensic Science, 1994

Personal Awards and prestigious Scholarships

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Research Fellowship, 2007

Dept. of Evolution, Genomics and Systematics, Uppsala University, Achievement of the year, 2007

Leakey foundation grant, 2003

Marie Curie (EU) post-doc fellowship, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, 2002 (declined as I received funding from STINT), 2002

Gustav Adolfs Academy. Prize for innovative Ph.D. dissertation, 2001

Namovitsky Donation Scholarship, 1994

Active Grants

Knut and Alice Wallenberg, 2016-2020

The Swedish Research Council, 2014-2016

Swedish Research Council Framework Grant in Culture and Cultural Heritage, 2014-2016

The Swedish Central Banks’ foundation (“Riksbankens Jubileumsfond”), 2014-2019

Selection of completed Grants

My research has been supported by the following funding agencies (including coordination of multi-University grants)

The Swedish Research Council, 2010-2012

EU, Marie Curie, Initial Training Network (LeCHE) involving 14 European Universities and organizations. I was the PI and coordinated, 2009-2012

Knut and Alice Wallenberg, Financing a Research Fellowship for five years, 2007-2011

The Swedish Research Council, 2006-2009

Gad Rausings Stiftelse, 2005

The Swedish Research Council, 2004

The Swedish Research Council, 2003-2005

The Swedish Research Council, 2003-2005

The Swedish Research Council, 2003

The Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (Formas), 2002

The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT), 2001-2002


PhD students: Supervised five Ph.D. students as senior supervisor to completion of degree (Cecilia Anderung, defended in 2006, Helena Malmström; defended in 2007, Cristina Valdiosera; defended 2008, Emma Svensson; defended 2011, Evangelia Daskalaki; defended 2014, Senior supervisor for one ongoing post-graduate student (Ayca Omrak, 2013-).

Postdocs: Per Persson (2003), Colin Smith (2004), Love Dalén (2004), Jurgita babliene (2005), Abigail Bowman (2005), Evangelia Daskalaki (2015), Maya Krzewinska (2014-), Linus Flink (2015-2015)

Staff: Veronica Sobrado (2014-2016), Natalya Kashuba (2015-)


Commission of trust

External examiner for Marcela Sandoval Velasco Ph.D. thesis, Copenhagen University, 2015

External Ph.D. committee member, for 4 Ph.D. theses, Copenhagen University, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Uppsala University, 2007-2013

Advisor for NSF in preparing a new research/funding program, 2009

Adviser for Livrustkammaren museum, the Queen Kristina project, 2000

Adviser for the Forensic University Hospital, Linköping, Extraction methodologies, 1997-1999

Adviser for the Oseberga project, 1999

Adviser for University of Vienna, Hallstatt studies, 1998

Adviser for the AFFA forensic group, Degraded DNA in forensic casework, 1998

Member of the reference committee for the E22 excavation project, RAÄ, 1998