The Northern Atlas

Demographic history and population structure of northern Scandinavia – the Northern Atlas Project

Europe is farily well described in its genetics. A large amount of the areas and populations west of the Urals are well characterised and easy to find data from. And now also from different chronological stratas. This is, however, not true for northern Sweden. Little has been done on modern populations, and even less on ancient material. There are reasons for this, the area has its own ethical problems, and the preservational status is also of the kind so little organic material remains from prehistoric and early historic strata. Nevertheless, there is medieval material from the southern part of northern Scandinavia, and in some cases material from even earlier stratas. We are presently working on this material to expand our demographic understanding of northern Europé as far north as possibvle. The project in financed by The Swedish Research Council, it oficially runs throughout 2016, and the active researchers are Anders Götherström, Linus Girdland Flink, Maja Krzewinska, Torun Zachrisson, Jan Storå, and Nihan Dilsad Dagtas.