The 1K project

1000 ancient human genomes

Within this program we will extract DNA from archaeological skeletal remains and sequence the complete genomes from a large number of Euroasian prehistoric individuals. These data will then be analysed using statistical and population genetics methods. The new information is expected to provide entirely new insights about how mobility, migration and connections affected our prehistoric ancestors. Bioarchaeological analyses will be an important part of the

project and stable isotopes will help the researchers understand the different individuals’ life history, mobility and diet. Archaeological data and interpretations of cultural patterns, ways of life and artefacts as well as paleoclimate data combined with genetic data will provide a new and unique opportunity to cast light on human prehistory in Eurasia. The program is financed by the Knut & Allice Wallenberg Foundation, it will run from 2017-2021, and the following researchers are presently enlisted to participate in the Stockholm-based part of the program: Anders Götherström, Jan Storå, Maja Krzewinska, Ricardo Rodriguez, and Torun Zachrisson.