Of guests and calendars

Lately two very important and good things have happened in my professional life. The first one is that I have started to use a calendar. After a few weeks of lecturing in two different towns the same day, and visiting different capitals on days following each other, I thought it would be worth trying to write down what I had agreed to do. And what do you know, it works! You may say that this is an already established fact, but I need to see before I trust, and now I know that keeping a calendar really makes life easier to live.


And as I am keeping track of my time and activities, I found time to welcome our guest Reyhan Yaka before she left this time. True, she has already been with us for a few weeks, but she is still here, and I am writing about it (which is the second good thing)! Reyhan is visiting from Ankara on an EMBO grant, and to experiment with, and optimize various capture protocols. So, welcome Reyhan, and great to have you here!

Reyhan Yaka