The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime

20 years ago I tried to become a proper field archaeologist. I was out excavating in Vendel, several seasons. Coming back there today was kind of cool and emotional. That big medieval brick-church we spent so many weeks digging trenches around back then. It was the excursion of the ATLAS-days. Each semester we gather the Uppsala group and the Stockholm group for a two-day workshop, and we always end it with an excursion to an archaeological site in the vicinity, and when possible, one we have samples from.

Dalia telling us about her work


As usual, there were several good presentations and interesting discussions. On prehistoric nomads in present day Russia, on READ, on biases in the tools we are using, on medieval Europe, on Iron Age burials. And some new faces (welcome Anna, Susanne, Emrah, David, and Dalia, all of you are most wanted, welcome). Those ATLAS-days are really good, good for creativity, good for spreading the knowledge within and between the groups, good for discussions, just super-good. And if you are going to do research somewhere, why not at a manner in Upland, why not at Gimo?

Gimo manor, a good place to be at



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